We invest in great people who share our values to build great businesses


There are many entrepreneurs who have great ideas but few who have the ability to execute and the will to succeed. We value the finishers of this world, those able to work through hard times and never give up. We value being able to find passion in what we do, being accountable for our work, and taking ownership for the success of the organization.


We value the ability to recognize, deeply understand, clearly articulate, and solve problems. We believe in being vulnerable, open to criticism, and working to improve ourselves. We value innovation and creativity, a solutioneer takes risks to create something new.


We value businesses that serve a good beyond itself. We value the ability for an organization to become successful and great while being conscious and proactive in bettering everything in contact with it. We value the ability to build up the people within or organization, investing in their future and ours.

Abundance Mentality:

We value team players, lifting others up, and working for the good of the whole. We value not having a fixed mentality, there is plenty of pie for everyone, one person’s success does not take away from any other person. When one person succeeds, we all succeed.